where the hell are the mods?

2013-06-20 04:08:37 by ShogunTanuki

i asking me that, because, there's a guy insulting people, and making really "bad reviews" (insulting
without contributing anything)and nobody is giving importance

well, maybe there a lot of work for the mods, I hope so.


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2013-06-20 05:40:35

there is a lot of people like him , just don't give fuck to him


2013-06-20 07:28:31

just hit the fucking abusive review button.

(Updated ) ShogunTanuki responds:

i already do that ( repeatedly) and nothing happened


2013-06-20 08:25:51

My take on things: certain members here have alternate accounts (alts), in which they write obviously abusive reviews, so they and their friends, can score an upgraded whistle (a reward given to successfully identifying abusive reviews/submissions).

(Updated ) ShogunTanuki responds:

I think it he has a second account, but it is only an supposition


2013-06-20 18:57:02

Some folks like being bad (in the Latin - just because they can, and it gives them a rise)


2013-07-06 22:37:31

i wonder who it is.


2013-07-07 04:46:22

I had the same problem trying to flag reviews over a week ago, but now it seems everything's fixed. You should try again.