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open commissions

2015-04-21 01:47:44 by ShogunTanuki


Cartoon chicks

2015-04-14 19:59:54 by ShogunTanuki


Who is your favorite cartoon chick?

im done with this shit

2015-02-20 15:41:47 by ShogunTanuki

unscouted again, the reason?...i dont know and friking m-bot dont want to say it, wtf with this mod, you even cant send some mp to ask the reason they unscouted you, this is bullshit...

I cant edit my art

2014-10-29 20:53:55 by ShogunTanuki

I cant edit one of my drawings, i try to upload a new version, but dont change nothing, the old one is still there back

2014-10-01 07:28:45 by ShogunTanuki

well, here i'm again, If you want i draw something tell me, im trying to be better and this, and some ideas for draw will be a lot of help, thanks.

what the f#ck?

2013-08-09 01:24:29 by ShogunTanuki

my art is unscounted again, and no one sent me a message about why this happened.

Noob in Minecraft

2013-07-23 17:21:10 by ShogunTanuki

I started playing Minecraft a week ago, and I love the game xD, I played the demo and end up buying the game, it's awesome :D

Hentai Art request #2

2013-07-12 14:31:01 by ShogunTanuki

second round, send your request :D

Hentai Art request #1

2013-07-08 01:48:01 by ShogunTanuki

you know, send your request :D

i asking me that, because, there's a guy insulting people, and making really "bad reviews" (insulting
without contributing anything)and nobody is giving importance

well, maybe there a lot of work for the mods, I hope so.